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Preclinical R&D Services: Large Animal Models

Clinical R&D Services


About pharmahungary group

Pharmahungary Group is an innovative preclinical (nonclinical) and clinical R&D company providing contract research with strong scientific support and also offering early-stage novel technologies for out-licensing.

Preclinical r&d services

Innovative and cost-effective preclinical (nonclinical) CRO services focusing on cardiovascular (infarct size, heart failure, sepsis, stroke etc.), metabolic (diabetes, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, obesity etc.), renal, inflammation, and neuropathy diseases.

Cardiovascular platform

Cardiovascular Technology platform from cells to large animals including farm pigs and minipigs (e.g. Göttingen minipigs) models of cardiovascular diseases is under continuous development.

Metabolic platform

Different diet, toxin, genetic induced metabolic models including diabetes, metabolic disease, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, obesity, uremia.

Clinical r&d services

Clinical R&D services focusing on clinical trials with medical devices, combination products (biologics + medical devices), managing Investigator Initiated Trials, and niche trials that need sensitive patient population, therefore, strong scientific and regulatory support.

Medical devices

Pharmahungary Group is uniquely positioned on medical device/drug/biologics combination clinical trial services. Full CRO service in consulting and conducting: feasibility studies, regulatory and ethics committee submission, monitoring, site management, contract management from study start-up to closure.

Investigator initiated trials

Since 2010 the preclinical and clinical staff of Pharmahungary Group have been working together with manufacturers and research professionals to develop new collaboration structures in this cutting edge field. Explore the benefits of Investigator Initiated Trials!


Pharmahungary manages internal preclinical (nonclinical) R&D projects to develop new technologies in the fields of diagnosis and therapy of cardiovascular diseases. Some projects are open for out-licensing, co-development, and investment.

Biglycan therapy

Use of biglycan or enhancers of biglycan activity in the preparation of pharmaceutical compositions having anti-atherosclerotic and anti-ischemic effect.

Mmp inhibitors

Novel structure small molecules for selective inhibition of MMP 2, 9, 13, and their application for ischemic (e.g. heart) diseases.


Several cytoprotective miRNA targets, termed "ProtectomiR".



Horizon 2020 grants

Pharmahungary Group as a Hungarian SME is ready for Horizon 2020 applications and are offering innovative preclinical and clinical R&D services.


Pharmahungary Group business operations continue uninterrupted

Pharmahungary Group business operations continue uninterrupted


Press Release – Pharmahungary Group – Remembrane Srl developed and validated an in vitro screening platform for testing drug candidates in the presence of co-morbidities

Pharmahungary Group – Remembrane Srl Press Release


21st Congress of Hungarian Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

21st Congress of Hungarian Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology