About Pharmahungary Group

Mission of Pharmahungary

  • providing wide range of innovative and cost-effective preclinical pharmacology R&D services focusing on cardiovascular (infarction, heart failure, stroke, sepsis, arrhythmias, etc) and metabolic diseases (diabetes, dyslipidemia, atherosclerosis, obesity, uremia, etc) with strong scientific support
  • clinical R&D services focusing on unique clinical studies including medical devices that need sensitive patient population and thereby strong regulatory & scientific support
  • to manage internal R&D projects to develop new technologies for out-licensing in the fields of diagnosis and therapy of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases

Why Pharmahungary?

  • Full service: creative, cost-effective, flexible, high quality
  • 20 years experience in drug-development with many sucess stories
  • Scientific support based on international scientific excellence (publications over 180, impact factors over 500, citations over 8000)
  • Internationally trained management & staff (MDs, PhDs, clinical pharmacologists, PharmDs, chemists, biologists, medical engineers, MBA quality managers)
  • Complex platforms of cardiovascular and metabolic disease models
  • Custom design models with co-morbidities, including large animals
  • Strong biochemical and molecular biological background for complex proof-of-concept studies
  • Strict confidentiality, IP law of the European Union