Biglycan therapy


Biglycan therapy project: open for out-licensing or co-development partnership

Summary of invention:

The present invention relates to the use of biglycan or enhancers of biglycan activity in the preparation of pharmaceutical compositions having anti-atherosclerotic and anti-ischemic effect, and to the use of them in methods for preventing and treating the atherosclerotic and ischemic (e.g. cardiac) diseases. The invention also relates to screening methods by which biglycan or enhancers of biglycan activity can be identified.

Scientific background:

IP status:

  • Patented technology (primary filing date Jan 2007, WO_2008/084268_A1), granted in EU nad China, in national phase in India.
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Planned project duration:

  • 24 months (up to clinical Phase I)
  • If you are interested in our project as an investor or co-development partner, please contact us for further details at

Key publications:

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