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Preclinical R&D Services: Large Animal Models

Clinical R&D Services


About pharmahungary group

Pharmahungary Group is a group of R&D companies developing novel in-house R&D projects for valorization (co-development/out-licensing) as well as providing innovative preclinical (nonclinical) and clinical R&D services with strong scientific and regulatory support.

Preclinical r&d services

Innovative and cost-effective preclinical (nonclinical) CRO services from cells to large animal models focusing on cardiovascular (infarct size, heart failure, sepsis, stroke etc.), metabolic (diabetes, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, obesity etc.), renal, inflammation, and neuropathy diseases.

Cardiovascular platform

Innovative preclinical R&D services from cells to large animal models including e.g. porcine and Göttingen minipig models of several cardiovascular diseases.

Metabolic platform

Several diet-induced, toxin-induced, and genetic models of metabolic diseases including but not limited to e.g. diabetes, metabolic disease, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, obesity, uremia.

Clinical r&d services

Clinical R&D services focusing on clinical trials with medical devices, In Vitro Diagnostics, combination products, and drugs including small molecules as well as biologics and Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs). Expertise includes managing Investigator Initiated Trials, and niche trials that need strong scientific and regulatory support due to e.g. sensitive patient population.

Medical devices

Pharmahungary Group clinical R&D services are focusing on medical device/drug/biologics combination clinical trials. Full CRO service in consulting and conducting clinical trials, e.g. feasibility studies, National Competent Authority and Ethics Committee submission, monitoring, site management, contract management from study start-up to closure.

Investigator initiated trials

Preclinical scientific management and clinical/regulatory experts of Pharmahungary Group are supporting manufacturers and research professionals starting Investigator Initiated Trials together. Explore the benefits of Investigator Initiated Trials with Pharmahungary Group.


Pharmahungary Group has several novel in-house R&D projects to develop new diagnostics and therapeutics. These projects are open for out-licensing, co-development, and investment.

Biglycan therapy

Use of biglycan or enhancers of biglycan activity in the preparation of pharmaceutical compositions having anti-atherosclerotic and anti-ischemic effect.

Mmp inhibitors

Novel structure small molecules for selective inhibition of MMP 2, 9, 13, and their application for ischemic (e.g. heart) diseases.


Several cytoprotective miRNA targets, termed "ProtectomiR".



Horizon Europe grants

Pharmahungary Group as a Hungarian SME is ready to join Horizon Europe grant applications with innovative preclinical and clinical R&D services.


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