Clinical r&d services


Pharmahungary Group is uniquely positioned from early stage of development to post market of medical devices and combination products clinical trial services.

Scientific consultancy, medical writing with highly qualified preclinical scientists and clinical staff

Strategic consultancy in regulatory & ethics committee requirements: up to date, in-depth, extensive knowledge

Full CRO service: planning, organizing, and managing clinical trials: Investigator Initiated Research Trials (IITs), Medical Device, combination products

Niche trials with strong scientific and regulatory support

Building value in education: trainings on medical device development, regulation, and EU standards

Therapeutic experience: cardiovascular, dermatology, neurointervention, vascular surgery, orthopedic, gasoenterology

Core competencies: 17 years of commitment to clinical investigations, dynamic, goal oriented, stable clinical staff

European Union quality service with moderate cost.

  • Medical device: Pharmahungary Group is uniquely positioned on medical device and combination product clinical trials.
  • Investigator Initiated Trials: Investigator initiated clinical trials represent an increasing and extremely important portion of medical research, especially in development of medical devices.
  • Niche trials: Pharmahungary is specialized in unique clinical trials that need sensitive patient population and therefore strong regulatory and scientific consulting.
  • Regulatory, ethics committee: Pharmahungary Group routinely provides strategic advice and consulting for clinical trial submission to competent authorities and ethics committees.
  • Registration: Pharmahungary Group is your ideal partner to ensure the success of your biopharmaceutical, food supplement, medical device, and combination products.