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In compliance with the applicable laws the basic data of Pharmahungary are published as follows:



Company registration No.: Cg. 06-09-008744

Registration Authority: Szegedi Törvényszék (Tribunal of Szeged)

Tax ID No.: 13109202-2-06


Business Address:Hajnoczy str. 6., Szeged H-6722, Hungary

Mailing Address: Graphisoft Park, Building I, Zahony str. 7., Budapest H-1031, Hungary

E-mail: businessdevelopment@pharmahungary.com


Web hosting service provider: www.directnic.com

Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting www.pharmahungary.com!

These Terms apply to all visits to and all use or services provided by the Website. By browsing the Website the User agrees with these Terms of Use. If the User does not agree with anything, Pharmahungary advises him to leave the Website immediately. The User agrees that these Terms of Use may be changed unilaterally by Pharmahungary, the changes shall be effective immediately.

The User agrees to use the Website at the User’s own risk. Pharmahungary is not liable for damage of any kind that are in any way related to the using or browsing of the Website.

Pharmahungary makes reasonable efforts that the information, data, illustrations or any other content on the Website are correct, accurate, but these cannot be guaranteed, and Pharmahungary makes no warranties to their accuracy. Pharmahungary disclaims any obligation to update regularly the content of the Website. The User agrees to be solely responsible to check all information at the Website before relying on them.

Pharmahungary is the sole owner of the copyrights relating to the Website. Every text, graphic, picture, image or any other related content are the sole property of Pharmahungary. No content can be used in any way without the written permission of Pharmahungary.

These Terms of Use are governed by Hungarian law. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection to the use of the Website will be settled by the courts of Hungary.


Pharmahungary follows the applicable data protection laws and regulations and therefore processes the Website visitors’ personal data in compliance with the Policy below and as per the Data Management Information (downloadable pdf document):

1. The Data Processor:

Company registration No.: Cg. 06-09-008744

Registration Authority: Szegedi Törvényszék (Tribunal of Szeged)

Tax ID No.: 13109202-2-06

Business Address: Hajnoczy str. 6., Szeged H-6722, Hungary .

E-mail: businessdevelopment@pharmahungary.com

hereinafter referred to as “Data Processor”.

2. Definitions

“Website” means www.pharmahungary.com.

“User” means the person visiting the Website, using its services, sending e-mails or other notifications to the Data Processor.

All other terms used in this Policy shall have the meaning defined in the Hungarian Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information („Data Protection Act”).

The matters not regulated by this Policy shall be governed by the Data Protection Act.

3. Legal basis of the Data Processor

The User agrees to be bound by this Policy by using or browsing the Website. The User agrees that the data processing is based on the User’s voluntary consent. The User declares that the provided data are true and correct.

4. Purpose of the data processing and the scope of the data

a) Website visit

The managed data contains: the time and date of the Website visit, data related to the User’s computer and browser, the User’s IP address and geographical locality.

The purpose of the data processing:
During the visit, the Website collects the User’s data in order to check the functioning of the services, to help diagnose problems and to administer the Website. Collecting of the IP addresses serves only statistical purpose, the Data Processor does not connect it with any personal data.

b) Cookies:

The Data Processor places and receives small data packages (cookie) on and from the User’s computer in order to improve the quality of the services. By receiving the cookies, the Data Processor has the possibility to connect the User’s previous visits with the actual one and by that the User will be able to load the Website according to the User’s previous set-up.

The User can prevent and delete cookies in the browser but the Data Processor draws the User’s attention that the Website and its services may not function properly without cookies.

By visiting and using the Website, the User gives permission to the Data Processor to send and use cookies stored on the User’s computer.

c) Contacting the Data Processor:

When the User tries to contact the Data Processor via the „Contact Us” part of the Website, the managed data contains the User’s name and e-mail address, or it can be any other User provided personal data.

The purpose of the data managing:
These data are stored and processed in order to answer the User’s questions and to put the requested information at the User’s disposal.

5. The User’s rights

The User

a)    may request the Data Processor at any time to give information about his/her personal data processed the Data Processor as well as about the features of the data processing (including but not limited to the legal basis, duration, purpose of the data processing).
b)    may request the Data Processor to correct the processed personal data, if they are false and the correct personal data are available to the Data Processor.
c)    may request the Data Processor to delete his/her personal data if the purpose of the data processing closed.
d)    may request the Data Processor to block his/her personal data if they cannot be deleted due to the lawful interests of the User.
e)    may request the Data Processor to indicate the personal data if they are false, but the correct personal data are not available.
f)    may turn to the competent court or data protection authority (Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság, (Falk Miksa street 9-11, H-1055, Budapest, Hungary,  Pf.: 9., H-1363 Budapest, Hungary) if his/her personal data are processed not in compliance with the applicable laws, and may claim compensation if any damage is caused.

6. Duration of the Data Processing

The User’s personal data are processed till the termination of the purpose of the data processing.

7. Persons having access to the personal data

The following persons may have access to the User’s personal data:
– The managing director and other executive officers of the Data Processor,
– The employees of the Data Processor authorized by the managing director. The User can request at any time the Data manager to give information about the managing of the Personal data, to correct the false Personal data, and to delete it. The User shall be informed about any such activity.

8. Modification:

The User agrees that this Policy may be changed unilaterally by Data Processor, the changes shall be effective immediately.

9. Security:

The Data Processor takes the reasonable technical, procedural and organizational measures for the data security at a high level.

10. Governing Law:
This Policy is governed by Hungarian law.

Data Processor