COST Action on novel cardioprotective therapies


Pharmahungary Group joins COST Action titled “Realising the therapeutic potential of novel cardioprotective therapies“. The main challenge of the COST Action is to improve the translation of novel cardioprotective therapies shown to be effective in the pre-clinical setting into the clinical arena for patient benefit. This COST Action (termed EU-CARDIOPROTECTION) aims to address this challenge by setting up a Europe-wide network of research centers tasked with: (1) the discovery of new therapeutic targets and innovative strategies for cardioprotection; (2) testing the effects of combination therapy to target multiple signaling pathways both within and outside the cardiomyocyte; 3) investigating the effects of confounders (co-morbidities and co-medications) on cardioprotection; (4) multi-center pre-clinical and clinical testing of novel cardioprotective therapies.